Professional Development Services

Our Approach to Effective Training

We maintain a clear focus on meeting the instructional needs of the teachers and students we serve. Our goal: use technology as a tool to increase teaching effectiveness, student achievement, and efficiency overall. Think Through Math offers multiple levels of professional  support: Premium, Standard, and Basic. At every level, we focus on your goals and program effectiveness.

Onsite Training

Think Through Math will provide onsite teacher training and orientation that typically takes about 3 hours. Teachers will become familiar with different implementation models and will begin to plan their own implementation strategy. They will learn how to help students make connections between their work in the regular classroom and the supplemental math program. Teachers will learn to continually assess student performance and use that assessment to make instructional decisions. Onsite training covers the essential concepts of the Think Through Math classroom:

  • Maximizing the Program
  • Understanding Data
  • Leveraging Reports to Drive Classroom Instruction
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Linking the Program to the Regular Classroom
  • Teacher Tools

Ongoing Training

Once your implementation is underway, a Program Effectiveness Manager will set up periodic “coaching” visits to observe and support teachers and students on the system. These visits focus on the implementation of best practices and address questions that may have come up since the start of the program. Our team will focus on key areas such as:

  • Building the self-efficacy of the teacher and administrator team
  • Strengthening instructional identification and skills through our program
  • Teacher accountablity for implementing models as presented in the training
  • Classroom and administrative leadership skills to minimize the implementation dip

Online Training

Sometimes it makes sense for customers to receive program training and implementation support from online solutions. Teachers will always have access to online “how to” training videos and step-by-step process documents. Think Through Math also hosts online Webinars for educators who wish to refresh or improve their understanding of the system. Webinars are hosted by  TTM “Master Teachers.” Sessions can also be customized to address unique needs and special requests. Sessions topics  include:

  • Focused on the Common Core State Standards
  • Indicators of Success
  • Reports, Rubrics, Grading
  • Test Preparation