Special Populations

English Language Learners

Think Through Math provides unparalleled support in Spanish. Students who are learning English do best when they have scaffolding that supports their learning. That’s why Think Through Math incorporates multiple means of support including visual, auditory, simple language, meaningful practice, and impecable translations. On many levels, the program supports ELLs as well every struggling reader by providing lessons that are consistently structured and carefully executed. And, if students continue to struggle, they have unlimited access 90 hours a week to fluent, Spanish-speaking teachers.

  • Ongoing audio support in Spanish so students can hear and read with examples of modeled fluent reading.
  • Introductory videos help students build background knowledge and develop mental models.
  • Live, certified U.S. math teachers are fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Multi-cultural content makes the program relevant to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Adaptive content helps students work in their zone of proximal development.
  • Built-in scaffolds so students can focus on the math.
  • Oral language development and academic language strategies are integrated into the teaching materials and engage students with accountable response tasks.


Special Education Students

Special education professionals have always relied on a high degree of individualization and differentiation. Think Through Math is built upon these principles and includes many features for students with special needs.

  • Age-appropriate, adaptive software to allow students to move at their own pace and receive individualized instruction
  • Multimodal curriculum to ensure all students see it, hear it, read it and do the math.
  • Every student has access to a live math teacher at strategic point sin instruction to help them take the next step.
  • Students who need more help on basic concepts can be taken to our Concept Zone, so that they can interact live with a teacher through a two-way virtual interactive whiteboard
  • Highly motivational incentives to ensure students are engaged and on-task.
  • Universal Design features and 508 compliance to enable students with certain physical disabilities to access the instructional content.