The Overview

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Having a focus on fundamentals and the progressions to algebra, Think Through Math deepens understanding of critical mathematical concepts and improves higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

Rigorous Instruction
Targeting the most critical foundations for algebra, Think Through Math provides rigorous instruction and meaningful practice designed to prepare students for the rigor of the Common Core, TEKS, and other state standards. Our mission is to provide underperforming students with an accelerated path to algebra, as well as to college and career. Learn more about Think Through Math and how it is the most effective bridge to the Common Core State Standards.

LIVE Instructional Support
Students receive immediate feedback at every step as well as unprecedented access to LIVE, state-certified math teachers. This literally means that as students work at their computers, they receive just-in-time intervention—precisely when they need it! Read More. Watch this brief video to learn how Think Through Math provides 1:1 differentiation including access to bilingual, certified, math teachers.

Personalized Learning
Underperforming students require intensive, individualized instruction that addresses their unique concerns. Think Through Math is intelligent and adaptive; it collects data based on individual responses, and adjusts instruction to meet a student’s needs. See it for yourself.