STEM Solution

Our mission is to provide every underperforming student an accelerated path to algebra and beyond (and to fill the ranks of STEM careers with adults who, as underperforming students, may not have believed in their ability to succeed in math). Whether your students plan to attend college or start a career after high school, it’s imperative that we equip them with a solid foundation in mathematics that builds the higher-order thinking skills essential for success in the global, information-technology-rich marketplace. Accordingly, Think Through Math provides a system of curricular content that is both focused and coherent. Aligned to the research, Think Through Math offers every student a clear, personalized path to algebra with high-priority concepts and understandings.


Five Step Instructional Process - Guided LearningFocused: the curriculum includes (and engages with adequate depth and rigor) the most important topics underlying success.

Coherent: the curriculum is marked by effective, logical progressions from earlier, less sophisticated topics into later, more sophisticated ones.

Targeted: Think Through Math emphasizes the concepts and skills that are directly related to success with algebra.