How We Teach

Instructional Design

A powerful combination: CODiE-winning content + unprecedented motivation + student effortcomputer-adaptive instruction + LIVE state-certified teachers = a measurable contribution to students’ mathematical growth.

Unprecedented MotivationUnprecedented Motivation

Our #1 goal: motivate students to do more math. Everything we do at Think Through Math is designed to engage students and transform the way they feel about math. For starters, we believe that every student has the capacity for math. Our job is to provide a program with the tools that allow them to experience success. Because Think Through Math meets students in their zone of proximal development, students quickly achieve success–a meaningful reward to struggling students. But we don’t stop there.

Facilitate Engagement and Reward Effort

Student working on online math interventionMany students are significantly stressed or fatigued by mathematics. Too many have never experienced success with math and have given up. We know, however, that the more students engage with Think Through Math, the more they learn, and the more they improve.

Think Through Math motivates students to do more math both during and after school with its uniquely 21st century motivation system–a powerful blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The system is based on a single idea: reward effort.

Unprecedented Differentiation

Underperforming students require individualized instruction that addresses their unique gaps and provides plenty of opportunities for meaningful practice. Because Think Through Math is adaptive and meets students in their zone of proximal development, students quickly achieve success–a meaningful reward to struggling students. The program continuously collects performance data, modifies learning pathways, and provides immediate corrective feedback at every step. Think Through Math provides students with three levels of real-time instructional support. Here’s how it works:
Level 1: Immediate Corrective Feedback from a Virtual Learning Coach
Virtual learning coaches provide guidance, inspiration and immediate corrective feedback at every step.

Differentiated Instruction
Level 2: LIVE Teacher–Guided Learning and the Problem Solving Process
When students need additional help in strategic parts of each lesson, they can connect to a LIVE, state-certified math teacher. Live teachers provide individualized assistance through interactive voice and text technology.

Level 3: LIVE Teacher–Intensive Support 
Students who need an addition level of instruction are escalated to the TTM Concept Zone. Here they work with a certified math teacher in a state-of-the art whiteboard environment that’s built into the program.

Watch this brief video to learn how Think Through Math provides 1:1 differentiation including access to bilingual, certified, math teachers.

Explicit Instruction and Meaningful Practice

Explicit instruction and meaningful practice consistently result in positive effects on the performance of students who have difficulty with mathematics. Students who need intervention instruction typically fail to look for relationships or make connections among mathematical ideas on their own.

Targeting the most critical foundations for algebra, Think Through Math provides explicit instruction that is needed to connect new learning to what students already know. It also provides opportunities to apply and practice new concepts and skills to relevant problems. The routines and consistent language used in explicit instruction also provide English language learners the clear, specific, and easy-to-follow steps they need as they learn a new skill or strategy.