Built to Facilitate Learning at Any Level

While particularly effective as a remedial or intervention program for struggling students, Imagine Math’s adaptive learning technology addresses the learning needs of ALL students, including students working at grade level, English Language Learners (ELL), those with advanced math aptitude, and students with learning disabilities.

Support Your RTI Strategy

Response to Intervention (RTI) encourages the practice of providing high-quality instruction and interventions that match students’ individual learning needs. Imagine Math is supporting the RTI strategy in hundreds of districts nationwide. As an adaptive solution, the system supports students in each tier with adaptive placement, ongoing assessment, and targeted instruction.

It’s our mission to provide a learning system that supports your district’s math goals. It’s our job to provide one that is efficient, cost-effective, and flexible. Imagine Math is a simple system that addresses the needs of every student.

There are three tiers to the Response to Intervention pyramid. Consider these tiers not as categories in which you place staff or students, but as varying forms of intensity in the level of support the school can offer.

Creating multi-tiered support involves a four-step process. At each step, you’ll need the helping hand of data.

  1.  Defining the problem
  2.  Analyzing why it is occurring
  3.  Implementing a course of action
  4.  Evaluating the effectiveness of what your’re trying to do.

Math Response to Intervention Program - Think Through Math

Tier 1: Targeted Support

This is the most basic form of support your school provides. It refers to general academic and behavior instruction designed and differentiated for all those in the building. Here, data is useful in providing feedback about what is working at the level of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Tier 2: Universal Support

This is a more focused form of support, wherein one receives supplementary help that aids to align work with established goals. A student struggling in math, for instance, might receive targeted help on concepts he is not understanding, perhaps with others. Here, data becomes important to isolate where the struggle is occurring exactly.

Tier 3: Intensive Support

Support usually involves individualized attention and extended time helping to align a teacher, for instance, with the teaching goals she is struggling to meet. Data is useful in this context in order to provide evidence of how a teacher has progressed and what areas continue to be a challenge.

English Language Learner (ELL) Math Program

English Language Learners (ELL)

Imagine Math provides unparalleled support in Spanish. Students who are learning English do best when they have scaffolding that supports their learning. That’s why Imagine Math incorporates multiple means of support including visual, auditory, simple language, meaningful practice, and impeccable translations. On many levels, the program supports ELLs as well as every struggling reader by providing lessons that are consistently structured and carefully executed. And, if students continue to struggle, they have unlimited access to fluent, Spanish-speaking teachers.

Live, certified U.S. math teachers are fluent in English and Spanish.

  • Students who are not fluent readers in English can access audio support in Spanish.
  • Introductory videos help students build background knowledge and develop mental models.
  • Multi-cultural content makes the program relevant to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Adaptive content helps students work in their zone of proximal development.
  • Built-in scaffolds allows students to focus on the math.
  • Oral language development and academic language strategies are integrated into the teaching materials and engage students with accountable response tasks.

Blended Learning

Imagine Math works well in a blended learning “Rotation Model” approach for a dynamic classroom that meets the needs of every student.

A rotation model classroom set up allows teachers the ability to maximize time for personalized learning, striving to reach each student with the right lesson at the right time. Blended learning is about creating a flexible space where teachers leverage tools and resources to engage kids in a truly personalized learning experience. Whether it’s a station rotation, lab rotation, flipped classroom, or an individual rotation approach, Think Through Math works by offering students a personalized math learning environment wherever or whenever they want.  With our one-to-one live teacher support, every student has a personal teacher assisting them when they need it, if they need it, to ensure success.

Blended Learning - Rotation Model

Math Placement Test


Students working above grade level in math also need special support. Too often, these students can become bored and frustrated with being forced to work on content that is below their level of proficiency, resulting in disengagement or behavioral problems.

Imagine Math is an ideal enrichment solution, offering gifted and talented students progressively more challenging and rigorous content in response to their performance on each lesson. Students can continue to progress into higher grade-level content, presented through authentic and relevant math problems, at their own paces, while still having support when necessary from the online certified Think Through Math teachers. Think Through Math’s problem-solving format strengthens the critical-reasoning skills required to solve advanced mathematical problems, by teaching a student to create a plan for solving the problem, execute the plan, verify the results of the plan, and reflect on the outcome of the plan.

Imagine Math’s unique system of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation elements challenges high-performing students to take on increasingly more complex topics and rewards them for both effort and accuracy, keeping them excited about their own accomplishments.

Special Education Students

Special Education professionals have always relied on a high degree of individualization and differentiation. Imagine Math is built upon these principles and includes many features for students with special needs.

  • Age-appropriate, adaptive software allows students to move at their own paces and receive individualized instruction.
  • Multi-modal curriculum ensures all students see it, hear it, read it, and do the math.
  • Every student has access to a live math teacher at strategic points in instruction to help him or her take the next step.
  • Students who need more help on basic concepts can be taken to our Concept Zone, so that they can interact live with a teacher through a two-way, virtual interactive whiteboard.
  • Highly motivational incentives ensure that students are engaged and on-task.
  • Universal Design features and 508 compliance enables students with certain physical disabilities to access the instructional content.
 I work with Special Education students with IEPs and I’ve never had a program like this that allows such individualized and differentiated instruction.  I’d recommend Imagine Math to anyone that will listen!  Thank you SO much!  
Katy Ludwig
Rocky Mountain High School, West Ada School District

Summer Math Programs - Live Teach Support

Intensive Summer Math Program

For typical schools, summer school programs are often a much-needed opportunity to give struggling students a chance to catch up with their peers.

As a core component of a summer school curriculum, Imagine Math can provide one-to-one math instruction that is matched to the level and pace of every single student. Think Through Math is designed to support struggling students by enabling them to take ownership of their work and see how they are making meaningful progress on a daily basis.  And with Imagine Math’s unique on-demand assistance from online certified math teachers, students can request real-time tutoring from a live teacher all throughout the summer!

In addition, students can work on evenings and weekends, making the likelihood of success even greater!

97-percent of our clients say they would recommend Think Through Math to a friend or colleague.

Take a guided tour and see why educators everywhere love Imagine Math.

Imagine Math is grounded in rigorous standards and research. Its use of flexible translations among different modes of representation and item formats deepen mathematical understanding.
Dr. Steve Wilson
Johns Hopkins University
Imagine Math helps students understand math on a deeper level. Not only has the program improved student behavior, it has improved student achievement.
Terri Chidgey, Executive Director of School Improvement
North East ISD, San Antonio, TX
We saw impressive gains across the board after using Imagine Math, not only in each grade but at each student’s performance level. The software’s adaptive learning technology makes sure that every student benefits from the right lesson at the right time. Best of all, access to live teachers is invaluable. It’s exactly what these students need.
Robert Cole, Teacher
Beckley-Stratton Middle School
The most important thing I can say is the more time you allow students to spend on Imagine Math, the more math they will learn, and the better your results on the PSSA will be.
Michael Turek, Principal
Frazier Middle School
It is the perfect teaching companion. We see the lights go on every day as students make connections and learn that they can do math.
Dan Ahrens, Technology Coordinator
Southeast Middle School, Diamond, OH

I have used Imagine Math for about five years now and I am confident that this online resource has benefited my students substantially. It poses questions in a way to truly ensure they have mastered the concepts and skills we cover in class in a way that I never could with worksheets.

Planning the pizza party is a wonderful and powerful incentive, and all of the students want to contribute which makes them work even harder outside of school hours.

I LOVE Think Through Math and what it does for my students.

Christina Pereira, 4th Grade Teacher
Campbell Elementary School
The most effective tool we can give our students is the ability to think–so they can gain the confidence to succeed in mathematics. We admire Imagine Math because it’s fun and helps students learn how to think and understand the problem solving process.
Dr. Alicia Needham, Director of Instruction
Flour Bluff ISD