Exciting Updates for Back to School 2016-17


At Think Through Math, we’re committed to transforming the way students learn and think about math with our award-winning adaptive instructional system that delivers proven results. We’re excited to show you the updates we’re making to our program based on user feedback and with your students in mind.

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So, what can teachers and administrators expect from Think Through Math this fall?



Improved Audio Support

Where audio support is available for content, audio indicators will automatically appear for students. This will ensure that all students are aware of audio as a support mechanism, particularly those who may struggle with language or reading comprehension.

Remediation Lessons

Additional remediation lessons will be added where necessary, based on overall student performance.

'Choose All That Apply'
Problem Type

This new problem type in TTM will support multiple correct answers.

Guided Learning Activities

Standards-aligned lessons in TTM will feature at least (2) Guided Learning to promote greater conceptual understanding of math.

Unique Pre and Post-Quiz Problems

Remaining lessons not currently featuring unique pre and post-quiz problems will be revised. When students complete the post-quiz in all TTM lessons, they will experience different problems than those in the pre-quiz.

Improved Support for Lower Grades

Based on customer feedback, all lessons in grades 3 and 4 will be reviewed for grade-level appropriateness of language and instructions. Think Through Math’s goal will be to increase student opportunity for success while also maintaining rigor and alignment to standards.



Learning Pathway Precursor Adjustments

Think Through Math will dynamically add or remove precursors from students’ learning pathways based on students’ instructional grade levels reported with each benchmark. Teachers and administrators will be able to easily see when precursors are added or removed from students’ learning pathways on the Student Progress Report.


State Partnerships

Performance levels in Think Through Math will be aligned with Quantile® Framework performance levels used in state-wide assessments — sometimes known as ‘end of course’ or ‘end of year’ tests — in North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Wyoming. Teachers and administrators will be able to use TTM performance levels as an indicator of preparedness for state-wide, high-stakes assessments in those states.

Updated, Actionable Reporting

Several benchmark reports will be updated to improve context and interpretation of data. Additionally, the Student Progress Report will include ‘focus areas’ for each student based on benchmark performance and recommend TTM lessons that could be assigned to address those areas.

90-Day Eligibility

The requirement that at least 30 days must elapse between benchmarks will be increased to 90 days.



Modernized Bulk Import Experience

Teachers and school administrators will be provided with a modern, intuitive and reliable bulk import process to enroll students and create classrooms.

District-wide Student Enrollment Process

District administrators will be provided with a new, TTM-assisted process to easily and efficiently enroll an entire district of students at one time.


Upgraded Teacher and Administrator Messaging

Teachers and administrators will receive greater levels of assistance through upgraded messaging and announcements. Using the upgraded messaging, Think Through Math will provide tips and guidance for use, lightweight in-application training, feature and function walk-throughs, reminders of existing features and introductions to new features.



On-screen Assistance

When students experience a problem type for the first time in Think Through Math, they will receive additional guidance to help them focus on what is expected to complete the problem. Students will also receive guidance on how to use math help and math tools when these features are seen for the first time.


Avatar Builder Restrictions

Teachers and school administrators will have the ability to set days and times that students will be prevented from designing avatars or purchasing avatar accessories.

If you have any questions regarding these updates,
please email us at support@thinkthroughmath.com or call 866.357.8664.

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