Challenge Your Students To Succeed!

Printable Math CertificateWorking with low-income students, our jobs are tough but not impossible. As a fourth grade teacher, I have seen Think Through Math successfully engage my students in learning and enjoying mathematics.

Before Think Through Math, technology in my classroom was not seen as a means to connect with others or an opportunity to increase mathematical potential.  As soon as I focused on Think Through Math and challenged my students to participate more, they rose to the occasion. My students began competing with each other, with other classes, other grade levels and even other school districts. Their worlds’ opened up. I was so happy to see my students motivating each other to donate points towards their classroom goals, avatars and even charities. More importantly, they began to see math as a key component to their education and not a hurdle they had to overpass.

I have challenged my students to keep Think Through Math easily accessible throughout the summer.  More importantly, I motivated them with easy and quick feedback from none other than myself! 🙂

Ms. Garza, 4th Grade Math Teacher at Mendiola Elementary School, La Joya District