Celebrating and Motivating through Measurable Data in School

Celebrating and Motivating through Measurement

If you’re interested in this playbook, it’s likely that you’re a leader who is passionate about developing your skills and vision. Maybe you’re a superintendent or maybe you’re a principal. Or perhaps you’re an instructional coach aspiring to a leadership position. Whatever your work entails, this playbook is here to help you guide others towards achievement.

In these pages, we chart a clear path to help you celebrate and motivate through measurement. Today, we have more forms of measurement at our disposal than ever before. This dizzying array of metrics can be overwhelming, but also full of promise. We’ll give you the tools and strategies that will help you utilize measurement to create change!

Table of Contents


  • 3 – Why Should You Read This Playbook?
  • 4 – What You’ll Learn in This Playbook?

The Value of Measurement

  • 6 – Mapping Through Metrics
  • 8 – Establishing Clear Goals
  • 9 – Using Measurement to Lead

Data-Driven Environments

  • 11 – What It Looks Like
  • 13 – Creating Multi-Tiered Support
  • 14 – Transparency and Accuracy

Motivation Through Measurement

  • 17 – How to Use Measurement Positively
  • 19 – A Well-Rounded Approach
  • 20 – Small Wins

Recognizing Success

  • 23 – Measurement as Communication
  • 24 – Creating a Dynamic Set of Standards
  • 25 – Celebrating Progress


  • 27 – Measuring Your Own Growth

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