How Schools can Transition to a Digital Curriculum

Learning Starts with Leading: Transitioning to a Digital Curriculum
by Jonathan E. Martin

Is there a K-12 principal on the planet today who isn’t wrestling with the question of how best to introduce and implement online curricular resources? Surely the number of principals who aren’t diminishes daily. It seems that every single day, another website, app, or LMS is created; and every week, what was formerly a printed textbook becomes digital.

Principals, district administrators, and every other type of educational leader are seeking guidance and information on how to make this move enthusiastically, efficiently, and effectively. Read on to learn the key decisions and the practical steps required for ensuring your school makes the most of the digital cornucopia from which your students can nourish their hunger for knowledge.

Table of Contents

02 Introduction

  • Why Should You Read This Playbook?
  • What You’ll Learn in This Playbook?

05 Selecting Online Resources

  • Tactical Moves
  • Strategic Moves
  • Teacher Moves
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Measuring Success

26 Conclusion

  • Resources and References

31 References