Growth Mindset in School

Creating a Growth Mindset in Your School

Chances are you’ve heard of “growth mindset” before. It’s a popular term these days in the actual and digital hallways of education. But “growth mindset” is much more than just the flavor of the month. It’s a way of changing the culture of a school, the dynamics of a classroom, and a student’s conception of her or his intelligence.

It is not enough, however, to just embrace the philosophy of a growth mindset. Yes, it sounds good – good enough to be part of a school’s mission statement. But how does it work? What does it look like in practice? This playbook will offer the answers to those questions.

Table of Contents


  • 3 – Why Should You Read This Playbook?
  • 4 – What You’ll Learn in This Playbook?

Changing Minds

  • 6 – Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • 8 – What Are Some Misunderstandings About Growth Mindset?
  • 9 – How Will Your School Benefit from Creating a Growth Mindset?

A Culture of Growth

  • 11 – How to Model a Growth Mindset
  • 13 – Reflect and Share
  • 14 – Useful Feedback
  • 15 – Obstacles You’ll Face


  • 24 – Maintaining Growth