How Extra Incentives Encourage Students to Complete More Math!

smith motivation

My students are in LOVE with ThinkThroughMath! Our school goal is for each student to complete 6 lessons per week. The enthusiasm of earning ThinkPoints for their avatars wore off after a few weeks. Sure, some students were easily motivated, but I was finding it hard to get students motivated to work on TTM outside the classroom hours. Then we were asked by our principal to provide extra incentives for completed lessons.

A couple of ideas I came up with are:

  • Weekly Leaders – the student that completes the most lessons that week gets to sit at my desk on Monday during Math and use my color ink pens to complete their math assignment. The student’s name is written on a poster (laminated for dry erase) for all the students to see all week!
  • Chance for a fancy pencil/candy – Two counters are placed in a bucket. Pull green for a pencil, but get red for a big WHOMP WHOMP!!!
  • Each student that completes 6 lessons for the week is put into a drawing to win out of my prize bucket (All clearance items!!)

It is so exciting to see and hear my students cheering each other on in hopes that their classmates will win a prize.

THINK Nation Blogger Ms. Deidre Smith, M.A.T., 3rd Grade Teacher- Cambridge, Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy