How to Create a Digital Curriculum and Implement it at your School

8 Steps to Building a Digital Curriculum Implementation Strategy
by Brad Currie

The phrase “digital curriculum” is an integral part of the world in which educators now exist and has transformed the way students learn, teachers teach, and leaders lead. This playbook will help you improve your digital culture and ultimately promote the success of all students.

In the pages ahead, you’ll encounter key insights and resources that will move digital learning experiences from good to great. Drawn from a wealth of research, coupled with real world examples from classrooms and schools, this playbook will walk you through the steps necessary to implement a successful and relevant digital curriculum.

Table of Contents

3 – Introduction

5 – Do you have a vision?

6 – Are your goals set?

7 – Device Integration Plan

9 – What resources should you include?

11 – Digital Teaching Methods

13 – Establishing a Digital Support Structure

15 – Establishing a Stakeholder Input Plan

17 – Conclusion