Lead by Example

Lead by Example: 8 Lessons for Educators
by Jonathan E. Martin

Teachers don’t teach what they don’t know, school-leaders can’t lead where they haven’t been. Leadership has never been effective when carried out from the sidelines or the rear guard; particularly in fast-changing times such as our own. Leadership must be from the front.

We are 21st century learners. Only by embracing and living out this principle can we be effective and exceptional leaders of 21st century learning. Accordingly, here are eight ways to lead by example, to “walk the talk.” Each is well-supported by the evidence of effective school leadership, each is framed for easy recall and general utility.

About the Author

Jonathan E. Martin has eight years of experience teaching and 15 years of experience as a Principal at three schools in California and Arizona. He hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University and an MA in School Administration from the University of San Francisco; in 2008 he was a Visiting Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University.

An expert on 21st century learning and assessment, he has presented to school-leaders, teachers, and trustees at more than 80 conferences and schools since 2010. He writes widely and consults with schools nationally on innovative instruction, 21st century educational program design, educational leadership, and next-generation assessment.