Math Every Day Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our national “Math Every Day” challenge. The contest, which ran throughout the month of January, challenged students across the country to provide examples of “how math is all around you.” Throughout the month, we posted examples of math in art, technology, food, nature, sports and fashion to provide inspiration. Then we asked TTM students to tell us how they encounter math every day and why that’s important.

Not only were we blown away by the sheer quantity of submission we received – nearly 1,000! –but we were equally impressed by the creativity, insight and originality of the TTM students, who range fro 3rd to 8th grade. The winning submissions incorporate a broad range of math concepts including metric conversion, spatial positioning, linear equations, variability, symmetry and more.

In the coming weeks, we will be shining the light on some of the winning student entries in this blog series, which we hope will serve as an inspiration to other TTM users as well as students and teachers around the country.

Here is the first winning entry to be spotlighted in our “Math Every Day” Winners Showcase:

“A world of math”

By Donia, 3rd Grade
Jan Sciff Elementary School, Fort Bend ISD, TX.

Ring! RING! 7:00 already! I’m going to be late for school! Also it’s going to be 30 degrees outside! Math is everything. You can’t name something that’s not math, fashion, nature, music, technology, art and more.

My mom is a nurse and she needs to go to work at 6:00 and if she never knew when its 6 she will be late and she’ll get fired. My mom is a great cook too and her cake will be a disaster if she doesn’t measure and cook properly. My mom needs to know how many cups of flour and how many eggs she needs to bake our cake.