Pushups and Reward Parties at Kinder Ranch Elementary School

Kinder-Ranch-Elementary- School-Think-Through-Math-Party

Think Through Math has had a tremendous impact on our students at Kinder Ranch Elementary. We launched the program with our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in January 2015 and had immediate buy-in support within our amazing 3rd grade team. Third grade immediately utilized the program to support instruction by assigning lessons for homework. Students have been required to pass at least 3 lessons each week.

Our school places most of its emphasis on the academic progress of our students. To date, students in 3rd grade have shown the most regular use. The average amount of academic growth, as shown by our district math screener test, is roughly +1.5 grade level equivalency, meaning one year, 5 months of academic growth since September 2014. While we have exceptional teaching happening at our school, the growth can also be directly attributed to the rigorous practice the students are receiving with Think Through Math.

To engage students and teachers, we held school challenges to encourage successful use. The attached pictures are from our March Think Through Math Challenge reward party. Students that passed 31 lessons during the 31 days of March were honored at a breakfast party that included loud music, balloons, a dance party, prizes, and of course, plenty of food. The teachers were even challenged to do 31 pushups at the party to celebrate the achievements of the students! We had over 50 students reach the goal and attend the party.

In April, our students were challenged to complete all the lessons in their grade-level pathway to show that they were ready and prepared for state STAAR testing. We had over 30 3rd graders finish their pathway, and a few have even gone further and completed the next grade level pathway as well!

Our students at Kinder Ranch Elementary are motivated to become better mathematicians as a result of Think Through Math! They enjoy earning points to design avatars, earn class parties and donate to charities. They enjoy seeing the huge amounts of progress they are making to advance them into the next grade level. We look forward to a FULL year of TTM use in 2015-16 so that our students can grow even more in their mathematical thinking!

Sandie Schneider, Math Campus Instructional Coach, Kinder Ranch Elementary School, Comal ISD