State-wide Metrics

For the 2016–17 school year, Texas students were dedicated to succeeding with Imagine Math! 1.3 million Texas students completed more that 30 million math lessons, solved 900 million complex math problems, and received nearly a million live math teacher interventions, all while spending over 10 million hours working on Imagine Math. Texas students spent 1.3 million of those 10 million hours working on Imagine Math outside of the school day.

Texas SUCCESS Comprehensive Evaluation Report for the Texas Education Agency

Submitted by Gibson Consulting Group (February 2015)

In a comprehensive study by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) evaluating computerized interactive programs that are part of the state’s Students Using Curriculum to Ensure Sustained Success (SUCCESS) program, Imagine Math was found to significantly improve STAAR performance outcomes for students.

Highlight’s from the report’s executive summary:

  • “Advanced statistical modeling, accounting for other observable factors that may influence student outcomes—such as students’ prior STAAR-Mathematics performance—showed that students in Grades 3-8 who attempted 20 or more Think Through Math lessons had statistically significant higher STAAR-Mathematics scores than non-users.”
  • “Passing Imagine Math lessons was positively related to student performance on STAAR Mathematics tests, meaning that passing Think Through Math lessons was an important indicator of readiness for STAAR Mathematics content.”
  • “Consistent usage of Imagine Math at the recommended threshold—five or more lessons completed per month—was associated with statistically significant gains on STAAR-Mathematics, particularly among middle school students.”

Read the press release here or or visit the entire report from the Texas Education Agency.

TEA Third-Party Study

Houston Independent School District Report

Comparing STAAR mathematics achievement of HISD students in grades 3–8
In 2014, the Houston Independent School District conducted a research analysis of Imagine Math’s impact on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) exams. Upon completion, the HISD superintendent of schools reported the findings, including:

  • “Results indicated that HISD students who used Imagine Math had significantly higher 2014 STAAR scale scores than did matched students who did not enroll in the program.”
  • “Imagine Math users at priority and focus schools who were matched with non-Imagine Math users at the same schools were also found to have obtained significantly higher 2014 STAAR mathematics scale scores than non-TTM users had.”
  • “Regression analyses indicated that for most groups of students, passing a higher number of Imagine Math lessons, particularly passing a higher number of target lessons, predicted a higher 2014 STAAR mathematics scale score.”

Download the Entire Memorandum >

Fort Worth Study

  • The mean % pt improvement for each TTM group is highlighted in orange above. All TTM students’ had an average % pt increase of 5.19 (N=16,776)
  • The average % pt improvement for all students not found in the TTM database and with a 2012-13 Math STAAR score is 4.59 (N=20,235). This is using the same methodology of changing all regressing students to 0.

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