How to personalize your student's experience in school

The Power of the Personal

by Paula Maylahn

Today’s youth are growing up in a personalized world. From softball and baseball jerseys with their names on the back to book with their names embedded within the story to online avatars customized to their own design, kids are used to personalization.

Advances in technology have enabled a level of personalization that is still a bit amazing to those of us born in the one-size-fits-all mass production era. Unfortunately for most kids in grades K-12, the 900-plus hours of instructional time they spend in school isn’t leveraging innovations that can provide that same personalization to their learning experience.

Personalization in the context of teaching and learning refers to the instruction that is paced to learning needs, designed to specific learning preferences, and tailored to the interests of different learners. Across infrastructure, content, and delivery, there is still much work to be done to create a personalized learning environment for every student. Use this E-book as a guide to incorporate personalization at your school.