Response to Intervention (RTI) encourages the practice of providing high-quality instruction and interventions that match students’ individual learning needs. Think Through Math is supporting the RTI strategy in hundreds of districts nationwide. As an adaptive solution, the system supports students in each tier with adaptive placement, ongoing assessment, and targeted instruction.

It’s our mission to provide a learning system that supports your district’s math goals. It’s our job to provide one that is efficient, cost-effective, and flexible. Think Through Math is a simple system that addresses the needs of every student.

  • TTM at Tier 3: intensive intervention for students who need to rebuild their foundation (as the technology rotation in a blended classroom with a master teacher)
  • TTM at Tier 2: targeted remediation for students who are working a year or two behind (on some or all concepts)
  • TTM at Tier 1: supplemental instruction and practice for students working close to grade level