Talking Math Success Over Lunch

School-Lunch-TrayTalking with a young lady at lunch today about her math class, she shared she really likes Think Through Math.  She told me that Think Through Math has live tutors who help you step-by-step. She shared that math is hard for her and her parents can’t help when she works on her math. When Think Through Math checks her math problem and show her the steps, she said that she has another chance to learn.

She is excited because her math teacher prints out their Avatar and posts them all over the math room like wallpaper – she thinks that is cool! She is feeling better about herself, her math skills and loves working for her THINK points.

Her success quote is, “I can do addition, subtraction, and multiplication because I have a good teacher and Think Through Math”.

THINK Nation Blogger:  Ms. Kathy Dixon, Assistant Principal
Thompson Middle School, Murrieta Valley Unified School District, CA