The program is very easy to navigate; it’s also good to see what students are working on, whether it’s below or on grade level.
Journaling has been a part of our Imagine Math routine, and has been a good way to build students’ comfort with note-taking, and using their notes when they no longer have access to math helps and live teachers.
Students have enjoyed tracking points and monitoring the weekly leaderboards.
The math helps have been awesome tools for the students, and they must review both help 1 and help 2 before we work through the problem together.
Imagine Math remediates automatically when students do not pass a lesson.  This gives the students an opportunity to feel successful again at a skill that is a little easier for them, while also reinforcing skills they have learned in the past.  Students sometimes say, “Oh yeah, I remember now” or “I remember when we did that!”
I LOVE the Lesson plan explorer tool for teachers!!  I use it on a regular basis.  I like how I can jump around from the various parts of a lesson.  I am also pleased with the content.  I have rarely been unable to find a lesson that I was looking for.