Think Through Math Awarded Utah STEM Action Center Grant for Second Consecutive Year

Program Participation Increases for Award-Winning, Web-Based Learning Solution

Think Through Learning creators of Think Through Math (TTM), the award-winning instructional system for grades 3 and above, announced that it has been selected as part Utah’s STEM Action Center Grant program for the second consecutive year.  Provided as part of its statewide STEM initiative, the grant enables schools to select TTM as a supplemental math instructional system and have the cost funded by the grant program.  Think Through Math program participation for 2015-2016 grew by nearly 25% from the 2014-2015 contract level.

“In the Utah STEM Action Center’s second year deploying math technology into the classroom, more than 24,000 Think Through Math student licenses were requested by educators,” said Sue Redington, Utah STEM Action Center’s Program Director. “As a state, we are very pleased to provide our educators with the opportunity to compliment and supplement their curriculum with this technology.” 

“We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with the state of Utah, which is enabling more students across the state to build their math proficiency with Think Through Math, while also participating in fun, motivating math competitions, such as the Utah Math Cup and the Mountain State Math Challenge,” commented Louis Piconi, Executive Vice President of Strategic Activities, for Think Through Math. “Think Through Math aligns perfectly with Utah’s STEM education objective, which focuses on implementing STEM education tools, programming and best practices to develop Utah’s workforce of the future.”

A web-based learning system, Think Through Math combines rigorous adaptive instruction, a powerful motivation system, and live, on-demand tutoring from state-certified US math teachers who tutor struggling TTM students in real-time at the point when they need help.

With more than 608,000 lessons and nearly 17 million math problems completed in its first year of use in Utah, Think Through Math has been embraced by teachers, administrators and students.  

“Think Through Math is working out extremely well for our students and the more I see of it, the more I like the program and think that it is aptly named,” said Angie Johnson, Curriculum Director at Mountain West Montessori Academy in South Jordon. “Think Through Math has helped move students to problem-solving and justification mindsets; and thanks to the TTM ‘call the teacher’ feature, they are better able to work independently.”

Don Beatty, Principal of Antelope Elementary School in Clearfield added, “I have students coming up to me after school telling me how much they like it. I’ve never seen kids so excited about math!”