Cien Aguas International School

TTM at Cien Aguas International

Think Through Math has been a great program and continues to be beneficial for our students. The students truly like it. All of the students understand how to use the Math Help tab and most of them enjoy using the Live Math Tutors. I think it’s wonderful that students experience repetition if they do not pass a lesson. I also think it’s great that they have the opportunity to see questions again that they got wrong.  Utilizing item numbers to find questions and revisit them during one on one sessions is great!  I really enjoy the difficulty of questions and how Think Through Math is helping to build a conceptual foundation with common core standards.  A lot of the students seem to pick up on a lot of conceptual math skills due to trial and error when solving problems, and the math help.

Think Through Math makes it so I do not have to consistently collect data, can easily assign pathways to individuals who need it, and do not have to waste paper coming up with a bunch of worksheets and assignments. I am very happy Think Through Math does this for me.  I am also more than happy to provide guidance to select students during a one on one laptop intervention, which I do every class. My class has selected a goal of completing and passing two lessons every week, which everyone has been accomplishing.

Overall, I really appreciate this program. I especially like the individualized pathways, as well as the user interface for both the students and teachers. It is easy to navigate and find solutions to issues. Lastly, I really think this program is beneficial for students learning the hybridity of virtual and manual learning. Since the students need to take notes while they are working online, they learn how to utilize a notebook whilst sitting at a computer. This is a hard skill to obtain at a young age. They are also learning how to take notes properly!

As a side note, for my class in particular, we sometimes utilize other resources with Think Through Math to further our understanding of our math skills because having more than one resource benefits students usage of computers. It also helps if a student needs the extra resources.

I am thoroughly impressed with Think Through Math and I appreciate its inclusion in our school’s curriculum. I haven’t had too much trouble with Think Through Math, which I believe is a compliment within itself!

Philip Casady of Cien Aguas International School – Albuquerque,  New Mexico
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