Think Through Math Classroom Program Awards Double Points for Charity Donations during “Annual Day of Giving”

Boise, Idaho — Think Through Learning, creators of the award-winning Think Through Math program, announced today that students using the program donated more than $2,000 to combat drug abuse in concert with “Idaho Gives” day, which is a single day of statewide charitable giving.

In support of the Idaho Gives, which took place on May 7, Think Through Math students were given the opportunity to double their charity dollar donations. As a result students donated more than $1,000 to the Idaho Meth Project, which works to combat drug abuse. Think Through Math matched the student donations for a total donation of more than $2,000.

The industry’s most respected and fastest growing supplemental math curriculum, Think Through Math is provided for free to Idaho students as part of the Idaho Math Initiative, an innovative state program devoted to improving math understanding. Comprised of engaging and rigorous game-based math lessons, TTM also provides students with the opportunity to convert the points they earn by completing math lessons into dollars that they can donate to charity.TTM’s charitable giving program has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in annual donations to featured charities across the United States. The charitable component of TTM is embraced by schools across the country, many of which are managing their own socioeconomic challenges.

“The strong partnership between the Idaho Math Initiative and Think Through Math has enabled us to work together to foster conceptual mathematics understanding and build students’ self esteem,” said Christina Avila Coordinator, Mathematics Programs, Idaho State Department of Education.  “Think Through Math’s support for charitable giving through its point program and special initiatives like Idaho Gives, provides students with character-building opportunities and life lessons that extend well beyond math.”

The Idaho Math Initiative and Think Through Math recognized five generous classes that donated the most to the Idaho Meth Project:

  • The Watkins Enrichment class, Twin Lakes Elementary School, Lakeland Joint School District
  • The McClendon class, Eagle Hills Elementary School, Meridian Joint School District
  • The Fischer class, Eagle Hills Elementary School, Meridian Joint School District
  • The Matlock class, Spirit Lake Elementary School, Lakeland District
  • The Keiser class, White Pine Elementary School, Boise Independent District

Think Through Math’s adaptive lessons are supported by the unique functionality of online math teachers to assist struggling students.  The system’s multi-tiered motivation increases engagement, builds self-esteem, and fosters deep conceptual understanding for sustainable improvements in outcomes. Think Through Math has received numerous awards since its introduction.


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