Think Through Math Innovates An Anonymous Implementation Model To Provide The Absolute Maximum In Student Privacy

PITTSBURGH, July 2, 2014 – Think Through Math (TTM), the cutting edge math learning system that integrates adaptive online instruction with on-demand tutoring from US math teachers announced a breakthrough in student privacy today.

Think Through Math has developed an Anonymous Implementation Model in response to parents and teachers understandable concern about insuring the privacy of their student’s data as education becomes more computerized. “Since its inception 12 years ago, Think Through Math has been a leader in insuring the privacy of student’s personally identifiable information. As it stands now, Think Through Math only stores the minimum data required, deletes it when it is no longer used and never sells, lends, rents or in any way makes any student data available to any non-educator customer” said Kevin McAliley, CEO of Think Through Math.  “But now, if educators choose, they can even have their students use Think Through Math in complete and total anonymity.”

Think Through Math requires minimal data to support student use – just a name, grade and username. To avoid even sharing this small amount of personal data, TTM now allows customers to abbreviate or anonymize these data points.  Using TTM’s anonymous implementation model, the district or school would enter only the first name and last initial of the student, and avoid using any traceable district identifier as part of the student record. By not specifying a username for the student when creating the record, TTM will generate a random username to further anonymize the data. This prevents the TTM student record from tying back to the actual student.

“Our policies, practices, and system architecture were designed specifically to provide the maximum protections for the data that is entrusted to us by our customers” said Jim Wrubel, CTO of Think Through Math. “TTM’s Anonymous Implementation Model ensures that the program still provides outstanding results when our customers provide no identifying student data at all.”

Designed to prepare students for the rigors of state standards such as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the Common Core and other standards, TTM continuously adapts to each student’s unique learning level so that students are always studying in a unique personalized instructional pathway at the level where they can succeed. Think Through Math then motivates students to think through math problems and become adept problem solvers.  Think Through Math is the only math solution that includes instant online access to live, bilingual teachers for 90 hours a week.  Each TTM lesson begins with pre-cognitive consumer-quality math games; Think Through Math works on all tablets, and TTM is aligned to the TEKS, CCSS, SOL and all other state standards.