Think Through Math Launches One Interface for Tablets, Laptops and Desktops

Think Through Math ( announced today that its award-winning online software is optimized for all tablets with a 7” screen or greater. The new interface is consistent on tablets, laptops and desktops.

Designed to differentiate content and provide instant access to live online tutoring, Think Through Math (TTM) features rigorous math curriculum in an engaging, game-like environment that delivers an unparalleled student-driven learning experience.

“The availability of Think Through Math on tablet devices underscores our commitment to meet learners–and districts–where they are,” said Kevin McAliley, CEO of Think Through Math. “As America’s leading adaptive learning software, we’re determined to make it as accessible as possible for students, educators and parents.”

Designed to prepare students for the rigors of the Texas STAAR and Common Core assessments, TTM continuously adapts to each student’s unique learning level so that students are always studying at the level where they can succeed.  When students are stuck and have tried several ways to solve a problem but are still not getting it, they receive instant individual tutoring from certified U.S. math teachers who will work with them until they make a learning breakthrough. TTM’s classroom-experienced math teachers, many of whom are bilingual, help students 90 hours each week.

“Because the program is browser-based, Think Through Math’s engaging interface works at 100% on different devices including iPads, Kindles, Android-based tablets and ChromeBooks,” said McAliley. “Like many other programs, TTM has never been confined to the classroom. It’s our mission to motivate learners and extend their opportunities to benefit from TTM’s personalized instruction anytime, anywhere, whether in the classroom, at home or on-the-go.”

“I’m excited that using Think Through Math on our iPads has motivated students to exceed the weekly goals we set,” said Leslie Edwards, Curriculum Coordinator, St. Joseph Catholic School, Diocese of San Jose. “Students are shoring up their math skills and getting directed to lessons that fix misunderstandings.  The individual student pathway is so flexible that I know each student is getting the instruction they are ready to learn.”

For educators, Think Through Math delivers real-time data that can be used to inform instructional decisions and fine-tune work groups for teacher-led instruction in blended learning environments.  Such rich reporting allows teachers to dynamically monitor students as they progress toward mastery of a given concept or skill, and, ultimately, proficiency in mathematics.

Think Through Math is currently used by two-and-a-half million students in classrooms throughout the U.S., including some of the largest districts in the country. The groundbreaking software sits at the core of 1:1 initiatives and blended learning strategies aimed at closing the achievement gap for all students.

About Think Through Math

At Think Through Math, we believe that success in mathematics transforms the way students perform in school and beyond. Created by teachers and technologists, we are driven to motivate students in unprecedented ways. We have a vision of effective education: a powerful blend of Web-based, adaptive instruction and on-demand, LIVE, state-certified teachers.

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