Think Through Math Students Solve A Half Billion Math Problems

Think Through Learning Inc., parent company of Think Through Math  (TTM), a web-based math solution for grades 3-Algebra 1, announced today that students using the software have solved half a billion math problems. Over 2.5 million students subscribe to TTM, making it the most widely-used math software in the nation.

Built to help students deepen conceptual math understanding, TTM focuses on higher order thinking and problem solving; concepts which are emphasized on the 2012 Texas TEKS standards and the Common Core State Standards in Math.

TTM can process billions of math problems because it was engineered to handle the massive size of K-12 education, where there are over 55 million students enrolled. TTM is the only system built to be able to scale with the rapidly growing amount of web traffic as schools move to a ratio of one student to one computer.

“Think Through Math’s proprietary learning platform has scaled flawlessly during the school year,” said James Wrubel, Chief Technology Officer of Think Through Math. “Response times are lightning fast even as we serve 400,000 daily unique students working on our adaptive, engaging math content.”

As students work through their custom adaptive pathways, behind the scenes TTM’s complex system processes thousands of transactions per second to deliver appropriate math material in the student’s zone of proximal development.

“Calculating the best material to deliver to a student based on their performance in under 200 milliseconds requires a complex application architecture,” said Wrubel, “doing it at scale takes precise orchestration of multiple systems.”

Engineering is one of the many cutting edge strengths of Think Through Math. By engineering a state of the art adaptive program, more students are able to spend more time doing math – half a billion problems worth so far this year.  The team at Think Through Math is passionate about continuing to engage and motivate learners to think through math, and achieve increased academic success.