Reaching New Levels of Success at Fernwood School

math-problemsThis is my 2nd year implementing Think Through Math in my remedial math classes.  Although last year saw a lot of success, my students this year have really taken to the program.

One student in particular is a textbook example of how the remedial student mind works.  She attempted multiple lessons on Think Through Math and failed her first three lessons in a row; rushing through each part and not really taking the time to understand the material.  She was a little disappointed to say the least.

However, with some coaching and math help, she began to progress through the next lesson and passed the remediation lesson.  Success!  She was very excited to finally pass her first lesson.  However, that was not the “a-ha” moment.  After completing the remediation lesson, she was then taken back to the grade level lesson and re-attempted the pre-quiz.  She took the pre-quiz and then proceeded to show me her results.  She asked, “What is this?  I have never seen this before.”  My first response was a high-five.  Then I proceeded to explain to her that she had passed the pre-quiz and did not have to complete the rest of the lesson; and she can move on to the next lesson on her pathway.  Her response was classic, “So, does that mean I passed the lesson?”  My response, “Yes!  You passed.”  She then seemed sad.  “Does that mean I don’t get to play the game,” she asked.

I had to explain to her that the next lesson she works through, she can complete the game, but because she passed the pre-quiz, she did not have to take the other parts of the lesson.  Her efforts paid off.  And now, she wants to complete the lessons all the way through. I just had to remind her that it’s OK to pass the pre-quiz.  She capped off the exchange with, “Its amazing I completed two lessons in one day!”  All I could say is, “Yes it is!  Yes it is!”  Think Through Math is helping all of my students become better at math, and reach new levels of success.

THINK Nation Blogger, Joseph Goodwin, Fernwood School, Egg Harbor Township School District, NJ