Third Grade Class From Quanah ISD Donates To St. Jude With Think Through Math

There’s something special happening at Regan Elementary School, Quanah ISD. A group of students in Mr. Villyard’s third grade class donated $50.00 to St. Jude’s Children Hospital by exchanging their hard-earned THINK points for charity. This generous act is made possible by an online math program called Think Through Math (TTM). TTM is funded across the state of Texas by the Texas SUCCESS initiative, providing Texas public school students in grades 3-8 access to interactive math and reading programs. This unique rewards-based component of TTM is just one of the many innovative ways the program is changing the way students think and feel about mathematics.

“I would like to say that I am very proud of my kids, and their willingness to help other children,” said Mr. Villyard, math teacher at Regan Elementary School. “TTM has allowed the students to help others while at the same time have fun learning math.”

It wasn’t easy for Mr. Villyard’s class to make this donation; they had to do the work first. Throughout the school year, Mr. Villyard’s class of 15 students worked diligently through their math lessons, earning motivational points that they could later use towards classroom goals and charitable donations. Collectively his class completed a remarkable 2,400 lessons, 60,000 individual math problems earning them an astounding 958,000 THINK points. Given the choice of how to use their THINK points, students redeemed 500,000 THINK points which represents a $50.00 charitable donation. This class, and others across the state of Texas, is working to make a difference both academically and philanthropically through TTM, a program designed to motivate students to want to learn math.

“Our number one goal is to strengthen students’ math muscle and prepare them for the STAAR assessment,” said Kevin McAliley, CEO of Think Through Math. “Knowing that we can also provide critical thinking and citizenship skills while teaching them math is a source of great pride for us.”

About Think Through Math:

Think Through Math is a Web-based, interactive learning system provides differentiated math instruction and practice to students in grades 3-8. Designed to engage, inspire and accelerate learner, Think Through Math sets a powerful new standard of differentiation. Students are highly supported every step of the way as the software continuously adapts to individual needs. With TEKS-rich instruction, unparalleled motivation and access to live, certified teachers, Think Through Math changes the equation.