TTM Announces Post-Secondary Math Product

Pittsburgh — Think Through Learning, creators of Think Through Math (TTM), launched a higher education version of their award-winning web-based math instructional system.  The new version of the product is designed specifically to support students entering college who require additional foundational math skills to be ready for college-level mathematics.

The rising need for math remediation presents a host of challenges to both aspiring college students and post-secondary institutions. Research in this area indicates that:

  • Between additional tuition dollars and instructional support costs, an estimated $3 billion dollars or more is spent on remedial college math courses each year.
  • Nearly two million incoming college students each year are required to take remedial classes before qualifying for full-credit coursework.
  • Fewer than 1 in 10 community college students who start in remedial programs graduate within three years, and only a third complete bachelor’s degrees in six years.
  • Approximately 57 percent of students enrolled in two-year college mathematics are enrolled at the precollege, non-credit level.
  • The National Center for Educational Statistics found that 69 percent of associate degree students who declare a STEM major fail to graduate in the major. 

 “The economic impact of 40% of first-year US college students being unprepared for college-level math is staggering,” said Kevin McAliley, CEO of Think Through Learning.    The cost of remedial math classes places a heavy burden in time and money on the students least able to afford extra tuition.  Rebuilding foundational math skills quickly to enable those students to succeed requires a 21st century approach. Our convergence of innovative math software coupled with “just-in-time” teacher support is the ideal solution for these students who need one-to-one instruction on their own time frame, outside of the limited window most faculty have for traditional office hours.”        

As the industry’s most respected and fastest growing remedial math curriculum, Think Through Math provides engaging and rigorous adaptive lessons designed to build deep conceptual understanding of math and to foster mathematical habits of mind.  The program’s adaptive lessons are supported by the unique availability of on-line math teachers to assist struggling students.  The system’s multi-tiered motivation approach increases engagement, builds self-esteem and fosters deep conceptual understanding for sustained, durable understanding of math. Think Through Math has received numerous awards since its introduction and established several statewide partnerships, including the departments of education in Texas and Oklahoma.  

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