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TTM At Seabourn Elementary School

All of my students enjoy working on TTM and beg for more TTM time.  Collectively the class has shown improvement with the assistance of TTM.

Some of the creative ways that I incorporate TTM with my students include:

TTM Home Assignment – I give the students the option of passing one TTM math lesson at home instead of the paper pencil assignment that I gave them.  Most students opt to do TTM.  I have thought a lot about this and I understand that the lesson will not be the specific objective that the class is covering but it is a lesson that that student needs in order to scaffold them for future lessons.  I also check the activity feed on the teacher page and write messages of encouragement to those who have been trying hard at home.

TTM Motivation – My class has earned the $50 gift card for reaching our class goal and the students are very excited about the day that we will celebrate.  Beyond the class goal, my students are given tickets for each lesson passed and we have drawings.

TTM Time Is Active! – TTM math time is usually not a quiet time in my classroom.  I allow students to help each other as long as the other student is not on a Pre-Quiz or a Post-Quiz.  Students are especially excited when they get to the next grade level and some of my students work hard at home to obtain this goal.

Got Dry Erase Board? – The students work out problems on a small dry erase board when needed.  They are never allowed to do TTM without something near them to write on.  They enjoy using the white boards for their work and it allows them to take more risks as it is not as “permanent” as trying on paper.  Also, we save a lot of paper by working problems on white boards.  Some mornings I will check the activity feed and if a student worked on TTM without me assigning anything I will surprise them with a homework pass!

Melissa Sullivan, 5th Grade Bilingual Teacher at Seabourn Elementary School, Mesquite ISD

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