TTM is a Hit at Mendiola Elementary School!

Ms. Garza, 4th Grade Math Teacher at Mendiola Elementary School, La Joya District

As a 4th grade math teacher, my dual language, low socioeconomic class has been using Think Through Math all year, and so far, I have seen a great improvement in my class.

Even my struggling students have been able to be successful in this program since everyone works at their own pace, though all of my students are high risk.  I can see how much my struggling students have improved as well as their self-esteem.   I would see students struggle at the beginning when we first started to use the program, however, now they love using Think Through Math and ask me to use it every day.

They like that they are able to see all the lessons that they have accomplished and which ones they still need help on.  They like the immediate feedback that they receive after solving a couple of problems.  They also enjoy been able to ask for help from a live teacher, and they like asking questions to that teacher.

What really got my class excited was when they started to see that they were really close to meeting their Classroom Goal.  We are almost at the end of the school year and my class has already completed both of their Classroom Goals.   They are super excited because the class got a $50 Walmart card and a $50 Amazon card.

As a math teacher, I love the program because I like how the problems are worded and how they relate to the 4th grade STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) that my students took in April.  I hope the continued use of this program helped them get a better score on the test.

Thanks Think Through Math for making math fun and enjoyable for my 4th graders!