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TTM Strengthens Its Motivation System and Introduces Features That Make Student Learning Gains Transparent to Educators

Math Learning System Innovates To Become Even More Effective for Back to School

PITTSBURGH (August 24, 2015)Think Through Learning, developers of Think Through Math (TTM), the award-winning instructional system for grades 3 and above, announced new features today that make TTM more motivating and easier to use.

Think Through Math’s back to school release enhanced parts of its system that have been proven to improve student achievement: motivation that increases student time on task; rigorous adaptive math instruction; and intuitive reports that provide data to teachers and administrators to help them focus their teaching where students need it most.

Included for no additional charge in a TTM license, these new features available to all TTM subscribers include:

Enhanced Student Motivation:

  • A fresh, sophisticated avatar builder with hundreds of new themed clothes and accessories.  Students can now shop for these items on iPads and other tablets, using the TTM points they earn for completing math activities. 
  • Two new charities, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Donors Choose, have been added to TTM’s unique “points for charity” program.  Students’ TTM points can be converted into actual financial contributions to these and other charities.

Expanded Instructional Content:

  • A suite of new instructional animations present math concepts visually to improve student cognition and help them grasp even the most challenging concepts.
  • Dozens of new and updated, standards-aligned lessons have been added.  They include interactive activities designed to assist students in developing their higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

 Improved Reporting:

  • New district progress and standards reports arm district and school administrators with data that allows them to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses at the district, school, class and student levels.
  • Anywhere, anytime views of student, school, or district statistics (e.g. average time spent per student, number of lessons completed, and grade-level lesson pass rate).

As announced in early August, the 2015-16 TTM back to school release also includes integrated benchmark assessments aligned to the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics.   Created by MetaMetrics®, authors of the award-winning Lexile® Framework for reading, the Quantile Framework is a developmental scale of simple, accurate measures that enables educators to personalize instruction, ensure that students are being presented with instructional content that is aligned to their level of math proficiency, and empirically measure individual student progress over time.

“All of us at Think Through Math are passionate about innovating to improve student achievement and supporting teachers by making their jobs easier whenever we can.” said Tim Bickerton, Vice President of Engineering. “These enhancements are designed to increase students’ time on task, which has a direct correlation with learning gains. They also better support educators at the classroom, school and district level with data to help guide their instructional choices and prove that sustained use of Think Through Math directly correlates to gains in student math proficiency.” 

Available anytime, anywhere from any device with a 7” screen or larger, Think Through Math adapts to the unique learning needs of every student including those with advanced math aptitude in addition to those working below grade level, students with learning disabilities, and English Language Learners (ELL).  TTM’s embedded incentives motivate students to solve more math problems while helping build their characters by allowing them to donate to charities to help those in need. 

Nearly three million students in more than 170,000 classrooms across the United States currently use Think Through Math.  Think Through Math has received numerous awards since its introduction and has established several statewide partnerships, including the departments of education in Texas and Oklahoma.  

 For less than the cost of a printed math workbook, Think Through Math combines rigorous, authentic math instruction, on-demand tutoring assistance from online math teachers available 75 hours a week, and a groundbreaking motivational program to get and keep learners engaged. 

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