Think Through Math – Wall of Fame


To keep students motivated, I created a Wall of Fame where I post recent certificates for everyone to see.  At the beginning of the year, I posted top leaders for points, but later changed it to show top leaders for lessons passed.  Some students requested printed certificates to show their parents.

In order to encourage more students to donate to our classroom goal, I also update amount on board with percentages to show our progress.  Our mid-year goal is to pass 20 lessons, when we plan to take a short walking trip to a nearby place off campus for a special treat.

TTM THINK Blogger, Lynn Nakagawara of Pearl Harbor Elementary School, Hawaii

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  1. Christian Paul


  2. Bethany Layton

    How do you print these off for leaders?

  3. Shannon Baldridge

    Thanks, Christian! #mathisawesome

  4. Shannon Baldridge

    Hi Bethany – When a teacher logs in to their teacher account, they need to go to Reports, Student Progress Report. They will need to pick a student from the class list and scroll to the lesson listing. When a student passes a lesson, a teacher will see the “award” symbol that they can click on. It will then take them to the certificate which can be printed.

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