We love this kind of news!

We love hearing from our teachers — especially when they share their success stories.

“I now have test scores that support the usage of Think Through Math.  I had 18 students move up either one category or even 2 from last year. (ex. last year they scored Limited Knowledge; this year they scored Proficient)  Of those 18, only two passed less than 20, but more than 15 lessons.  Ten of those 18 students passed 30 or more lessons, as the program suggests. I have confidence in my teaching ability, but it is extremely helpful to have a program that will support what I teach.  The program is attractive to the students, so they want to work on it.  Anything that interests them, as well as educates, is beneficial.  I am truly thankful to be allowed to be part of the program, and I look forward to using it in the future.”

Donna Large, 6th Grade Math Teacher
Willard Grade Center, Ada City Schools